About Rea

I have always loved to write. As a child I composed fanciful stories and poems, and later, I was one of the rare students who actually enjoyed 5-point essays and term papers (my English teachers LOVED me). After a series of jobs taken and left, I realized the only part I liked about my thwarted careers were the opportunities I got to write (even the boring status reports). I figured that if I wrote full-time, I would have a job I loved. It’s been almost a decade, and I’m still loving every second of it.

My educational background provided me with extensive training in writing, beginning with a BA in Film and Screenwriting at Emerson College, followed by an MA Education. My former position on Universal Studios’ story and script development team was a crash-course in solid, dynamic writing, focused ideas and clear communication. As an educator, I had extensive experience writing reports, IEPs and district correspondences. Throughout, I have written press materials, blog posts, articles, reports, web content, newsletters, feature articles, bio pieces and many other types of projects for a number of different organizations.

In the beginning of 2011, the CEO of ALEX toys, one of the largest international toy companies, contacted me after a long and exhaustive search for the perfect “Mommy Blogger” for their website. After a review of my work, I was quickly hired for the position and was featured on their “Mamma Mia Rea” blog, where I wrote about my experiences as a parent and share ideas to help build strong bonds between parents and their children. I have also recently been published in an anthology of stories entitled “Like Water on a Rock” by Artscroll Publishers, and am currently working on a memoir entitled, “A Glad Mother of Children”.

The only thing I likes more than writing are her two sons, Yonah and Akiva, and her husband, Josh, with whom I live outside of Philadelphia.